The Marriage of
Jenn and Josh

October 4, 2008
Fernindina Beach, FL

Wedding Officiant
Aunt Kathy Shipman

Reading (What is Love?)
Amanda Baker

Parents of the Bride
Nancy and Paul Foster

Parents of the Groom
Bob and Kay Shaver

Maid of Honor
Alexis Wessner

Best Man
Trevor Blosser

Jeanette Anderson

Justin Shaver

Ringer Bearer
Elizabeth Baker

Flower Girl
Charleston Shaver

What is Love?

Sooner or later
we begin to understand
that love is more
than verses on valentines
and romance in the movies.
We begin to know that
love is here and now,
real and true,
the most important
thing in our lives.
For love is the creator
of our favorite memories
and the foundation of
our fondest dreams.
Love is a promise
that is always kept,
a fortune that can
never be spent,
a seed that can flourish
in even the most
unlikely of places.
And this radiance
that never fades,
this mysterious and
magical joy,
is the greatest
treasure of all--
one known only
by those who love.



Click on thumbnails for a larger view.
Getting dressed
Getting the bride into her dress. (4)
Making adjustments
Getting all the dress' layers down. (4)
Getting ready
What a beautiful dress. (1)
Getting ready
The bride gets ready for her big day. (1)
Getting ready
How do I look? (1)
Beautiful! (4)
The parents of the bride...
The parents of the bride... (4)
...light a candle
...light a candle. (4)
The parents of the groom...
The parents of the groom... (4)
...light a candle
...light a candle. (4)
Preparing for the bride
Preparing for the bride (4)
The groom awaits
The groom awaits. (4)

The maid of honor reaches out for the flower girl. (2)

The flower girl and ring bearer await their big moment. (2)

The bride waits in her chariot... (2)
...greats her wedding party...
...greats her wedding party... (4)

...and takes her father's breath away as he helps her out. (2)
Here comes the flower girl
The flower girl. (4)
The flower girl drops her petals. (2)
Picking up her petals
...and picking them back up. (4)
The ring bearer
The ring bearer. (4)
The bridesmaid
The bridesmaid. (4)
The maid of honor
The Maid of Honor. (4)
Father of the bride
A proud father walks his daughter... (3)
... down the aisle...(4)
Walking3 the junior bridesmaid holds the train. (4)
...reaching the alter...
They reach the alter... (4)
Giving away the bride
...and gives her away. (2)
The bride's attendants
The bride's attendants. (3)
The bride and groom...
The bride and groom... (4)
...are so in love
...are so in love. (4)
Lighting the unity candle
Preparing to light... (2)
Lighting the candle
...the unity candle. (4)
Lighting the unity candle with Lexi
The bride makes it a special day for her Maid of Honor daughter, too. (2)
The flower girl stays close to her dad. (2)
Saying their vows. (2)
Ring exchange
Ring exchange. (2)
With this ring...
With this ring... (4)
You may kiss the bride.
You may... (2)
...kiss the bride. (2)
Now that's a kiss!
Now that's a kiss! (4)
The newlyweds...
The newlyweds... (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Shaver
Mr. and Mrs. Shaver. (2)
The happy couple leave as family and friends send them off with bubbles. (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Shaver
And they'll live happily ever after. (2)

The maid of honor is escorted away by the best man. (2)

The bridesmaid and groomsman walk past the bubbles. (2)

The bridal party gathers together. (2)

Lexi and Trevor
The Best Man carries the Maid of Honor. (4)

Cousins: the ring bearer, junior bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor. (4)